Information on renewed Serbian Communication Society – SCS

Srpsko Komunikolosko Drustvo – SKD

June 2013 renewed Serbian Communications Society – SCS. SCS as NGO first has been founded September 1993. Root ideas and objectives remain unchanged: media research, result publication.

Research activities include Communication resources: classical and digital media, development of communication technology and social changes, communication space, communication activities and contents – local, regional and global in accordance with bents of researches and possibilities of SCS.

Renewed domestic activities SCS predict to start with Worth analysis national media: newspaper: radio and television. Starting point is the hypothesis of certain deficiencies within the most important media functions: informative, entertaining-relaxation and educational media contents.

International activities SCS shall start with renewing and development inter-, and transnational research cooperation, especially with neighboring national associations, above all with near abroad Croatian Communication Association – CCA and subsequently related associations and groups within regional an European space.

SCS consider develop different research projects, for instance Internet and Cyberspace research as present and main future fields of human communication and activities. Rapid development of communication technology and software point out growing communication emancipation from structures and centers of political power and parallel the evident growing of individual communication sovereignty.

SCS wish to establish active structural relationship to IFCA in order to develop better conditions for inter-, and transnational research cooperation.

Internal structure and administration of SCS: Assembly, Presidency with President and two Vice-presidents and Ethical committee .
Address of SCS: Obalskih radnika 39, Belgrade, Serbia

- President Dr. phil. Novak A. Popovic,
email > <, mobile phone +381638919739

- Vice-president Dr. sci. Zdravko Sordjan,
email > <, mobile phone +381638731963
We would like to know concerns, activities, and plans of each member association.

Don‘t assume that everyone is as informed as you are. If you want other communication researchers to know what your association is doing lately or hoping to achieve, if you desire international presence at your national meetings, or if you have any international plans - note a regional trend, suggest a project the Federation should undertake, or see a way to foster international cooperation - write to us. We will do our best to make our many readers aware of it.

Mario Plenković, Editor in Chief (President of the IFCA University of Zagreb, 10000 Zagreb, Getaldićeva 2, Croatia

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Newsletter - November, December 2012


The session will provide an opportunity to discuss one of the key objectives of IFCA:  Is the Federation needed in the era of the new  technologies, when messages can be distributed easily  by the Internet, social platforms and official websites of communication associations? What has changed over the last 30 years since the foundation of IFCA by Prof. Dr. Klaus Krippendorff in the 1980s?

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